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Annealed Wire

Annealing is a heat treating process whereby drawn steel wire is altered into more ductile soft material.

Centennial Wire Nitrogen induced heat treating process produces exceptionally clean product with consistent elongation allowing us to achieve all of your annealed wire requirements.

Our product is available for recyclers in large carriers of 2,000 lbs which reduce your carrier changeovers or the smaller spools of 50 and 100 lbs. Centennial Wire also produces this product for the merchant coil industry and supplies both 50 lb and 100 lb catch weight coils. Centennial Wire can also supply this product straight and cut in any length you require. Our unique method of heat treating allow us to supply you with the best scratch free surface in the market.

When it comes to your annealed wire needs, contact Centennial Wire and find out why FLEXIBILITY IS OUR Strength.

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